Texts and excercises

Exercise 3: Good or bad parent?
What is a really good parent like? What is a really bad parent like? Make up a scene with a good or bad parent. At the most five minutes, and record it. This material is part of the project Öppen... Read more
Exercise 6: Upbringing
Upbringing is also about what kind of person you become. Think of a moment that made you the person you are. There are probably many different ones, but choose one and tell it to the others. The group is then... Read more
Exercise 7: The Visitor
Someone rings your doorbell at home. It could be anyone: a world-famous star, a person who lived long ago or a character from movies or books. Maybe he or she has someone with them. Who is it? Are you home... Read more
Exercise 8: Mix and Serve
Most of us have different roles in different situations. We’re not the same person at school or at work, at home or with friends. And we are often different with different friends, different with each person we meet. We can... Read more
Exercise 10: The Internet
Create a scene that takes place in a chat room on the Internet. A few people meet and talk. Something happens. How would you show this on a stage? Make up a scene and record it, no longer than five... Read more
Exercise 11: The Meeting
Let each person in the group, by themselves, imagine what he or she will be like as an adult. Now each of you has a secret character. Decide on a place where these characters can meet. This can be anywhere:... Read more
Exercise 12: Someone Else
Think of a person that is definitely not you. Maybe they have another sex, or have an entirely different view of life. Think about how this person acts, what they look like and what they think. In twos, or in... Read more
Exercise 13: X-men Powers
In the X-Men movies each mutant has a special, supernatural power of their own. One mutant can make things freeze to ice, one can manipulate the weather, one has teleportation powers, one can manipulate metal, one can fly, one can... Read more
Excercise 1: Punishment
In The Son of a Servant, August Strindberg describes a scene of classic child rearing from his own childhood. When the father comes home from work, the mother tells him what kind of mischief the young boy Johan has gotten... Read more
Excercise 2: You hit me
YOU HIT ME! Text: Erik Uddenberg DANIEL You hit me! TOMAS It wasn’t hard. DANIEL Not hard! I’m going to call the police. TOMAS Sorry. It WASN’T hard. DANIEL I’m going to call the police. TOMAS Go ahead. SARA Stop... Read more
Excercise 4: A short scene about truth
A SHORT SCENE ABOUT TRUTH Text: Erik Uddenberg A Sorry. (Pause.) Sorry. (Pause.) Didn’t you hear me? Sorry! (Pause.) I said I’m sorry! I said I’m sorry! B I don’t care what you say. A I said I’m sorry. B... Read more
Exercise 5: Mean
MEAN Text: Erik Uddenberg Translation: Deborah Fronko A I really don’t know how to put this. B No. A This is really tough for me, I want you to know that. B Yes. A It’s so hard for me to... Read more